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Dear visitor.

We welcome you to the unknown and secret Southern Pilion. What shall we start telling you about our area? About its history in the many centuries with the Centaurs, their Argonauts and Achilles? About its contribution in the history, the literacy and the culture of newer Greece? About the current simple and human tourist destination, far from industrialized tourist infrastructures? If therefore you are seeking something different, during all the seasons of the year, you will realise it when you come here. The completely green nature, the splendid seas of The Aegean Sea and Pagasitikos Gulf, the unique monuments of culture and the amazing naturaL resources will fascinate you and they will leave inex­haustible memories for the Southern Pilion on you.

The guide that you have in your hands is the first effort and the first professional project for the promotion of Southern Pilion, that began, when still our Union was limited only in the wider region of Platanias. We know that very shortly it will be supposed we publish more complete guide on the whole Southern Pilion, that will include all our members, with all its tourist destinations. We promise that we will do it.

We will be waiting for you, our good friend, here in Southern Pilion, all the professionals of tourism in the space of hospitality and accommodation in order to offer you really human, with a lot of beautiful experiences and full of love holidays.